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  • What capacity is your indoor reception venue?
    Our indoor reception holds 300 guests.
  • Am I allowed to bring my own vendors?
    If you desire to serve alcohol at your event, you are required to book a Jeter Mountain Farm Bar Package. We also require you to use one of our catering partners to provide food for your event. Otherwise, you are welcome to bring in vendors of your choosing to fulfill your remaining event needs.
  • Am I allowed to bring my own alcohol?
    Any alcohol served at your event must be a part of a Jeter Mountain Farm bar package. Events are not allowed to provide or serve their own alcohol, unless it is pre-arranged as a part of our bar package and Jeter Mountian Bartenders exclusively serve it. We do allow events to provide their own alcohol for a rehearsal dinner event, as long as it is limited to beer, wine and cider. (No liquor may be served at a rehearsal dinner event unless a bar package is booked.)
  • Are we allowed to serve liquor at my event?
    Any liquor served at an event must be provided by a Jeter Mountain Farm bar package, and may only be served by Jeter Mountain Farm's licensed bartenders.
  • Do you have a recommended vendor list?
    We do! Upon booking an event with us, we are happy to share our favorite, recommended vendors from the area.
  • Is smoking allowed at your facility?
    Smoking is not allowed inside any buildings, and cigarette butts must be disposed of in a provided and approved receptacle.
  • Are animals allowed at your facility?
    No animals are allowed to be brought on premises for an event unless special permission is granted. No animals may enter any of the buildings on the farm. Exceptions are made for service animals.
  • Am I allowed to use sparklers for my exit?
    Sparklers may be used in the outdoor areas of our facility. The use of sky lanterns, loose glitter and confetti are not allowed on the premises, and will result in your security deposit being forfeited.
  • Can I throw flower petals at my ceremony?
    Flower petals used for the ceremony must be real, or must be picked up by lessee. If thrown inside, they are the responsibility of the lessee to be picked up after the event.
  • Am I allowed to burn real candles in the reception building?
    Real candles may be used, but cannot have an open flame. They must be within a hurricane, container or be a floating candle. Keep in mind that depending on the time of year, and if you desire to have the fans on in the reception, real candles may be difficult to keep lit.
  • When can my vendors return to pick up my rental items?
    Vendor deliveries and pickup must happen within the time frame of your venue rental. Any deliveries or pickups outside of your venue rental timeframe must be approved by a Jeter Mountain Farm staff member.
  • Can I come back the next day to clean up?
    All items personal, rented or otherwise must be off the premises the night of the event, within the time frame outlined in your rental. There is an additional cost for delayed cleanup that can be arranged prior to your event, and is dependant on whether an event is being held the following day.
  • Can I hang decor, drapery or lighting from the ceiling?
    Any extra lighting or decor that requires hanging for decoration must be done and provided by an insured professional company.
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